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Urban Industrial Wedding in Abruzzo!

For this season I wanted to share with you a wedding style that is extremely fashionable. Today we are taking a look at an Industrial Wedding in Abruzzo. We have available 4 different options for you to choose from and find the perfect venue for your special day.
The first 3 pictures you see are from our fabulous location in the center of Pescara. The location has 3 floors to be utilized for various activities. Along with those 3 floors you and your guests can enjoy a small terrace to relax before going back to enjoying the rest of the day.
The next 3 pictures are from an ex historical industry that is situated close to the center of Pescara, the sea and a beautiful part. This large ex industrial location has been revamped to be a magnificent ceremony location. Here you will find many rooms to arrange a variety of wedding favors.
Our third location is shown in the next 2 pictures. This cozy location gives you both an elegant and industrial aesthetic. It is an extremely well decorated restaurant that has been opened inside of a industrial location. Your wedding here will bring you joy as it will be so unique – an unforgettable experience.
Our final location which is seen in the last 3 pictures is located on the Abruzzo hill. Here you will be surrounded by a gorgeous vineyard as you are on a wine production property. This venue is a great option if you are interested in having an industrial wedding, but would also like to have a dose of traditional elegance. You will find a large space for you and your guests with many rooms and even a swimming pool to enjoy the time on your special day.

If you are interested in having your wedding at any of these four extraordinary locations please contact us!

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