Wedding Planner Rome by Anna Maria Nardi


It’s like nowhere else on earth : the Mare location in Puglia


For that most special of days, let yourself be wowed by the amazing backdrop of Mare, perfect for wedding ceremonies, parties and receptions.

The day of your wedding is the day a dream comes true, a day of indescribable and unforgettable emotions. You can’t leave any part of it up to chance: Mare will make your event truly unique.

Apulia: nowhere else

Mare is like a breathing tale of Puglia, spoken by the ancient culture of the land and by the sheer beauty of its nonpareil architecture.

It happens every hour of the year: you come and live your time here, and nature is powerful, peace is intense, harmony is full. It’s a place where you meet yourself. It’s Mare: it’s nowhere else.


Mare’s own gourmet restaurant, is the place for those who seek an unparalleled culinary experience, a one-of-a-kind blend of the sophisticated pleasures of fine food and the best Apulian tradition. Here, Executive Chef offers a true “auteur cuisine”, complete yet authentic and simple, where local recipes are revamped through skillful creative cooking methods and carefully selected ingredients.

A giant ‘hidden’ gem on the coast of Puglia. Mare might be a bit of surprise within these surroundings however the hotel somehow perfectly blends in.

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