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WPR offers an event / wedding in the quarry, the choice is the Carrara marble quarry or the Roman Travertine quarry.

We offer these places for events of all kinds, business, music, birthdays, wedding proposals, upcoming wedding, corporate event, all in an exceptional setting, we will know how to make you appreciate.

We are the only ones who can offer such an exceptional destination.

Now it is up to you to choose, you like the marble of Carrara “to speak of the marble with which Michelangelo carved his masterpieces” or the travertine marble of the Tivoli zone, the stone with which The Colosseum and almost all the Roman monuments were built.

The emotions will be similar, who has already considered making a reception in a career?

You will not be the first to do it, but among the first to discover these emotions, and enjoy the astonishment of your guests. Companies like Suzuki Italy, Ferragamo and Maestro Giovanni Allevi have already done so, they wanted to exert their charm in the career, and now it is your turn, your event! Think of your guests who will remember this unforgettable event, as well as the stones that tell our wonderful story.

WPR is the event planner, the only one able to offer attractive sites such as Carrara marble quarries / Tivoli Travertin quarries!

WPR will accompany you to discover unknown treasures in these areas. Contact us now for your wedding, corporate event and whatever you want to celebrate in a beautiful and different way. See you soon, call us.

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