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Who is Planning Your Wedding?

Who organizes your wedding? Sometimes the events coordinator of your chosen hotel, sometimes you and your friends, sometimes you ask for the help of a professional, the WEDDING PLANNER!

There are many wedding planner options and many professionals in Italy and across the world. However, not all wedding planners are the same.

Here in Italy this profession is relatively new and so many of the planners often times lacks professionalism and attention to detail, we here at Wedding Planner Roma are not like most planners. Often a planner is working with the experience gained in the field or after a few week long course, but it takes time to learn this important and delicate work. It takes years of planning events and coordinating to truly know what it takes. You need passion, managerial skills, and the ability to constantly update as the trends change. A wedding planning liaison will aid the couples and their families with contacting and gaining suppliers. This liaison will help to ensure satisfaction and that the couples get everything they desire. The wedding planner will make all of the contacts for you so all you have to do it make some decisions and say ‘I do’ when the time comes! We work with people from all the world, different religions, cultures, habits, and in these situations you need all the ability, and all the skills you’ve acquired over years of planning weddings and events.

The wedding planner must be able to negotiate with suppliers to help you get the best deal. Sometimes we negotiate with large hotel chains for destination weddings which often happens with foreign spouses. So to know how to talk and negotiate with the various managers is indispensable, to negotiate at best and give the customer great service,  in this case there are rules almost impassable, but not for everyone!

A tip: trust serious professionals, we know what we’re doing and we want to help you every step of the way.

With these thoughts, I greet you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Anna Maria Nardi

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