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Why use a personal shopper?

Let us help you find the perfect attire for every occasion. We  are confident that you will arrive to the event dressed to impress. You will be eager to show off a unique style unlike anyone else’s at the occasion. 


The “Made in Italy” label  has the same value as any historic monument. Those who come to Italy hope to return home with a high quality Italian product and usually spend 50% of their stay shopping. Italian products are created with a sort of attention to detail and specificity that is unique to Italy. Our aim is to guide you in every kind of shopping and this website will give you a brief idea on some of the services that we offer.

Wedding Attire

The Bride and Bridesmaids


The Groom and the Groomsmen Attire

Special Connections

Through many of years of working in the fashion community, Anna Maria has developed several important connections with very prestigious designers. Due to this, we are able to offer very exclusive and special tours and attention at important brands such as

Renato Balestra


Wardrobe Styling

We specialize in fashion tours and personal styling. Many of our clients have a specific vision of their wardrobe redesign and we make it happen, however there are some clients that depend on us to redo their wardrobe. We excel in accommodating our shopping itinerary to both of these situations and we ensure that our client is satisfied with their shopping experience. Our number one priority is to tailor the client’s shopping experience to their needs and budget, so as to have an incredible fashion experience in Rome or London.

Online Consultation

We can coordinate a Skype consultation from all over the world where we will discuss your fashion dreams, and what we can do to achieve them. This is particularly useful for our clients because it offers them a variety of flexible options such as:

  • – Talking to us before coming to Rome or London and discussing the shopping itinerary and expectations for the personal shopping experience
  • – The ability for our clients to receive our help without leaving the comfort of their own home
  • – Guiding our clients through their own shopping experience

Personal Makeovers

We are excited to offer our clients a special service tailored to their desires and wants. We have a team made-up of very talented make-up artists and hair stylists that will take your style to another level.

Fashion Buyer

We purchase women’s, men’s and children’s clothing for retail stores, wholesale stores, and independently owned stores.

My work is built on your requests! Give me some information about your shop, your label, your company etc. The more I know the more accurate my selection will be.

Areas I Cover:

  • Shoes and leather accessories
  • Knitwear
  • Clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Artisanal goods
  • Wedding attire for bride and groom
  • Wedding attire for the wedding party
  • Furnishing and decor

I am a broker, you pay the supplier directly for the goods.


For further information, contact me.

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