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Have you ever dreamed to fill your soul and fly away with your beloved one in company of history, religion, roman beauty, lifestyle ?

In Rome, you will find obviously ruins of the ancient period, reflecting the richness of the roman empire. What makes Rome amazing is not only the Roman history, it is also the incredible Catholicism culture, offering an amazing spectacle.

With more than 900 churches, Rome is considered as the capital of the Catholic Church for nearly 2000 years of history, and shows a spectacle of different architectural styles. This history makes Rome even more spectacular by showing the richness of a long history in a unique and same place. The city is a  truly treasure offering magical and secret places.


Did you know that many hotels have a chapel right inside their structure?


Of course, this city will never cease to surprise us. Many hotels are former convents and have been adapted to host visitors in the eternal city. You can thus go to a hotel without knowing that a chapel is inside the structure before your arrival. What an amazing surprise !


These structures also offer the opportunity for travelers to organize events. With chapel and event hall, they are perfect places to organize symbolic ceremonies in one and unique place. The events is therefore organized within the structure, in which everything is set up to offer you a perfect time and enjoy your event. You can thus celebrate your ceremony in the chapel, go directly to the event room so as to continue your welcome drink, and keep continuing on your party without having to go through the whole city.


Many of our partners offer the opportunity to enjoy these structures, one of which is located close to Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the four major basilicas of Rome. The hotel is structured with a event hall, a chapel, a garden, and about 40 available rooms to host your guests in the same place. Your event will be perfect !


Is it not amazing to find this kind of treasure in a hotel? Rome will never cease to surprise you !

Wedding Planner Roma


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