Wedding Planner Rome by Anna Maria Nardi


Luca and Lie’s fabulous love story.

Lucas was a young Parisian who had just finished his restoration studies. He lived there and worked in a small restaurant until he could create his own. He had a big group of friends and enjoy his youth.
But one day everything changed for him.. A night he won’t soon forget..
Lie was a medical student studying in Jiangsu, China. She had the chance to study for 1 year in France. Obviously in La Rochelle, which seemed to him to be a pretty typical city and not flood of people.

Lie and Lucas met at a beautiful summer evening. Lucas thought it was beautiful and wished he knew her directly. He went to meet Lie, she was shy and uncomfortable but Lucas knew how to find the words.
They both spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing.
For several weeks they had coffee together, dinners… then they went out together. It was mad love and at the end of his year of study Lie wanted to stay in France to live with his love, Lucas.
For their first holidays, they decided to go to Rome, the eternal city to discover this magnificent city. The couple love the city!

Two years later, Lucas declares his love to Lie, and he proposes to her during a great meal in a restaurant with a bottle of champagne.

The young couple will start planning their wedding and the idea is: a unique and unforgettable wedding! So they want to have their wedding in Rome, the city they loved so much!
To prepare the most beautiful day of their lives they contacted us for a professional organization. They found the perfect place in the heart of Rome.
They celebrated their civil wedding at Campidoglio, a beautiful square surrounded by magnificent buildings where it is possible to celebrate a civil wedding. Then they celebrated their wedding in one of Rome’s many beautiful churches. The wedding was exceptional and unique, worthy of their love! To celebrate their union in one of the most beautiful villas in Rome, with their family and friends. This was an incredible and unforgettable wedding!



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