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Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered why all the couples in love want to marry in Rome?

It doesn’t matter if it is a civil, religious or symbolic destination wedding, it is important to get married in Rome….it is a magical place, where you can have the best start and “happily ever after”.

For those who want a civil marriage, Rome offers a series of halls where you can marry. Take advantage of the appealing views, the most popular corners, the squares, the monuments as backstage of your photos and live a special unforgettable experience. The wide number of churches will allow you to satisfy the need to celebrate your marriage with a religious rite.

In this article you will find the most interesting places of where to get married, we can help also if you are dreaming to marry in the Vatican City.


In case you choose a civil rite, Roma Capitale offers 4 availble halls :

– Sala Rossa, on the ground floor of the palace which hosts the district, the Capitol  (The wedding we show you was done in Campidoglio ,the sala rossa)

– Complesso Vignola Mattei (ex Santa Maria in Tempulo), the Church deconsecrated designated to the celebration of the civil marriages, not too far away from the wonderful Terme di Caracalla.

– Villa Lais, in Piazza Caglierò in the VII th municipality. For further information citizens can call the URP or the registry office of the Municipality… (it is not easy to talk to an employee who understands English!).

– Sala Azzurra, in Piazza Regina Pacis in Ostia, offers to the couples also a big garden where to take wonderful photos.

All the halls dedicated to the weddings cannot be visited except during the celebrations.


Due to the high number of requests, especially during some periods of the year, the waiting time can be very long. We suggest to look for the Church availability as soon as possible and verify the Church availability according to the day chosen.

Among the most famous churches you can find: Santa Francesca Romana, a baroque church inside the Roman fora, SS. Nereo e Achilleo, a very big church near the Terme di Caracalla, San Giorgio al Velabro, a Church dedicated to San Giorgio, near Bocca della Verità, Dio Padre Misericordioso (Millennium Church), a modern church designed by the American architect Richard Meier, this church is in the suburb, San Giovanni a Porta Latina,  San Giovanni dei Fiorentini ( Basilica ) Santa Maria in Cosmedin, a Greek Orthodox church near Bocca della Verità.

For the complete list of the churches you can call: the tourist Call Centre of Roma Capitale 0039/060608 .



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