Wedding Planner Rome by Anna Maria Nardi


Greece: a rough diamond for your wedding day or your vows renewal with your soulmate and the whole family!


Your wedding shooting will be wonderful in this magic frame! Each photography will remember you forever the memories of the most beautiful day of your life! You will be impressed by the huge diversity of Greece’s landscapes. From the traditional churches and monasteries to the sunset on the Cyclades Islands or even the stunning villas and hotels in Santorini with view on the sea, how do not be in love with this country rich of history and traditions?

Fly with your guests to Greece and we can ensure you that you won’t be disappointed. The deep blue of the sea, the shining sun, the pure white of the houses, the genuine flavours of Greek dishes, all is gathered for an intimate, unique and unforgettable event.

It is not too late to organize your union in one of the amazing location in the country of the Olympian Gods.

Contact us and we will make your dream come true!

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