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Exclusive Destination Wedding : ” The Villa’s Secret Room ” in Rome center

Extraordinary locations, Rome has many, but this one, for us who are accustomed to extraordinary things, touched us.

Built in 1544, when the Renaissance completely changed in this wonderful city, this jewel is known as the most exclusive villa in Italy. The villa we offer is one of the most beautiful in Rome.

You will be fascinated by its beauty, its collection of works of art, as much as in a museum, its fountain, its 7 hectares of oaks and pines, cypresses and elms that with the sculptures will send you in the past .

This location, in addition to being one of the many beauties of Rome, is full of history and has experienced great names in its apartments such as Galileo, many members of the Medici family and the mighty Napoleon Bonaparte. Currently, there are many VIPs that can enjoy such an exclusive location.

But even if it is an internationally renowned historical building, sometimes it opens its doors to the most fascinating and extraordinary events it can accommodate for events, up to 1000 or 2000 people. But what is surprising is that it has rooms and gardens for small events of 30 people that can be welcomed. The gardens have remained intact, we enjoyed the garden of the statues where we have already imagined a potential wedding, a business event, perfect for a special aperitif. Many people want to enjoy the luxury and peace of this place in the heart of Rome, where at 3 minutes you are in Piazza di Spagna, a shopping paradise and its only way of life.

We, WPR, offer you this opportunity, for a day or a week, you will be invited to this wonderful place of history and art, we can help you create an extraordinary beauty event during all seasons with a service Photographic, we wait for your questions and we will answer as soon as possible, we do not see the time to work for you in such a charming place, it will be a privilege for all.

The WPR team offers you the rental of its interior, small by size, great by beauty

NB: The Villa has 2 historic rooms and 7 classic rooms. Who does not dream of sleeping in a room where Napoleon or one of the most powerful princes of Florence slept?

At present, many international VIPs use this site for secrecy and to defend their privacy.

We can book rooms, but you should know that your booking must be 4 months before your stay.

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