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Castle in Tuscany for destination wedding

The Castle

How to be a Princess in an Italian Castle on your wedding day!


The first document about this castle is a contract that war registred in archivies of Florence in the year 1031, by the family Vinsdomini, then owners. Later, it passed to the family Alessandri I who had it for some three hundred yars.

The decline started in the 17th century, the castle was sold, gambled away and gradually went to rack and ruin.

In 1840 lord John Temple leader was exploring the hill of Fiesole,when he came upon the overgrown ruin of a medieval castle. He instantly fell in love with it and decided to restore it to its former glory. Of the many stories he uncovered, Sir John especially coveted the one about Donna Bianca.

Sir John decided that Castel was a perfect place to host his many noble friends. With the help of a young architect Fancelli, he started the daunting task of restoration. In pure spirit of renaissance patronage, he commissioned 80 masons, artisans, sculptors, glassmakers and antiquarians and with their help, the castel was reborn after 10 years of work.

Today, this Castle continues in the spirit of Sir John Temple leader, as a place of inspiration and a centre for all kinds of social and cultural gatherings, creating unforgettable evenings within its magic atmosphere.

The Legend

Bianca was a pretty girl admired and courted by men for her beauty, but her heart belonged to one man only.

He was the son of the family’s arch-enemy, but their love seamed to family feud.

The day of the wedding, Bianca went up to the tower awaiting the arrival of her spouse, but she saw signed her destiny.

Ridingtowards his future wife he was assailed by his brothers and killed under Bianca’s eyes.

The story goes that Bianca died of broken hearth, dressed still in her white wed attire. Since that day her spirit roams among the walls of the castle, and she protects all loves, especially impossible ones. So please if you are a romantic soul ,we think that this venue is the most important piece of your wedding puzzle.

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