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A Grandeur Wedding in Optimal Location!

Find Paradise! Stepping into this villa you’ll be rendered speechless by the raw class and beauty of this centuries old chateau. Once owned by American billionaire Paul Getty, this villa is now a first-class spectacular perfect for your wedding!  Paul Getty was the epitome of affluence. As you walk into this villa, you will be […]

Destination wedding and precious roman jewelry!

Rome is a jewel! We want to present to you wonderful goldsmith creations. What pieces of jewelry do every woman own? Traditionally jewelry represents a symbol of prestige, wealth and power. We suggest what a woman desires – every occasion is the right one to give an unforgettable jewel.  The goldsmith tradition started at the […]

An unconventional destination wedding location in Rome

Some people consider it an aphrodisiac – Chocolate!   The whole premise of the event is to say “goodbye to the usual conventions’ ‘ ,and do things out of the ordinary . Completely get your own way with the wedding and truly turn it into an event that makes guests happy! Here you can enjoy […]

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