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Destination wedding in the Appian way!

The Via Appia Antica or Appian Way is one of the oldest roads of Rome and served as an important access road into the city during the period of the Roman emperors.

The paved stone road is nicknamed ‘regina viarium’; queen of the roads. That is because of how important the road was, but also because of the beauty of the landscape the Via Appia traverses. Yes this road is one of the most beautiful consular roads of ancient Rome, the Appia Antica gives an idea of Romes’s past beauty and glory. You will find many archaeological sites along this road, and even the first signs of Christian culture: the catacombs. There are numerous luxury villas in private gardens along the Appia Antica, many owned by celebrities. Now that you know the wonderful history of this area, come with me inside one of the most beautiful villas in the queen of streets.The photos you will see will tell you how destination weddings and events are celebrated here, The amazement of the guests in the midst of so many beauties. A large park, well-kept gardens, flowers, and rooms of timeless elegance. There is a suite for the newlyweds, for completely enjoy the first night in the romantic atmosphere of this unique place.
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