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A Grandeur Wedding in Optimal Location!

Find Paradise!

Stepping into this villa you’ll be rendered speechless by the raw class and beauty of this centuries old chateau. Once owned by American billionaire Paul Getty, this villa is now a first-class spectacular perfect for your wedding! 

Paul Getty was the epitome of affluence. As you walk into this villa, you will be able to witness the beautiful art Mr. Getty spent so much time acquiring. With the help of his art historian Federico Zeri,  Mr. Getty accumulated hundreds of pieces of priceless works of art. Sublime 17th Century tapestries, dignified marble busts of Roman emperors Flavio Vespasiano and Agrippa, and an antiquarian map by Giovanni Battista Piranesi one of the greatest printmakers in the world are a few examples of the incredible art you’ll be surrounded by in this opulence manor. 

An immaculate garden, spacious stone swimming pool, and on site chef are just some of the sensational qualities you’ll find at this location. With on the premise accommodation this villa is capable of hosting guests in spacious bedrooms equipped with seating areas, attached bathrooms, and views of the glittering sea or castle turrets. A personal chef works diligently tapping into his imagination to surprise the guests with new delicacies every meal. 

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