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An unconventional destination wedding location in Rome

Some people consider it an aphrodisiac – Chocolate!


The whole premise of the event is to say “goodbye to the usual conventions’ ‘ ,and do things out of the ordinary . Completely get your own way with the wedding and truly turn it into an event that makes guests happy! Here you can enjoy exclusive gustatory experience in a extraordinary yet cosy ambience – the roman original chocolate paradise.Their menu has many roman accents and a unique tests of combination

This cosy location is in an alley. This district was the district of the proletariat, today it is a cultural laboratory. As you walk into this hybrid cafe, restaurant, and boutique you are instantly hit with the sweet aroma of delicious chocolate. Walk father in to see a wide space filled with rustic tables featuring peculiar seats situated with a vintage feel. You turn the corner to see vintage chocolate machines positioned all over for decoration. Beautiful, willowing plants are arranged throughout the establishment. It’s a perfect destination for an individualistic wedding! 

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