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Choose the most beautiful announcements!

A must-have for the preparations for the wedding, the invitation must be chosen with care: it is certainly the first announcement of your happy event, but it is also the one who will set the tone of the day!

The wedding invitation, an obligation?

The announcement is obviously a way to invite your friends and family by giving all the information needed for the day D: date, time, place, religious ceremony or not, reception or not … Free to formulate them according to your want to add others (the url of your site, a wedding list, a dress code …) if necessary. It is still the tradition today, that the invitation is classic or original!

The wedding invitation, a choice

All fantasies are allowed for your wedding invitations! Classic, traditional, modern, personalized, homemade, your choice. Several options are to be taken into account: the shape, the color, the quality of the paper, the choice of ribbons, the stamp. If you have chosen a theme for the wedding, make a reminder in your announcement. But remember, the announcement is for everyone from your friends to your grandmother. To avoid false notes, we opt for elegance and sobriety.

The wedding invitation, a classic

To stay in the tradition, we choose a classic invitation with a double sheet, where each family makes its announcement on one of the sheets. English letters, printed in black, navy blue or dark green. It is then traditionally the grandparents and parents of the bride and groom who announce the event.

The wedding invitation, the originality

If you prefer a tailor-made invitation, who looks like you, who looks like your couple, go for originality and customization! We offer a few examples that have us much more: footprints way, garlands of photos, 3D way, telegram way, movie theater way, way calendar, way travel card, way paper casserole, way vinyl, way photo booth, and well in other ways, let your imagination run wild!

The wedding invitation, an organization

Send a wedding invitation, it gets organized! It must be sent two or three months before the wedding date. A longer period is planned if the wedding is planned between June and September, a summer period in which many marriages take place. Or if it is planned abroad. In this case, we send a “save the date” to his guests six to eight months before the day J. On the announcement, we specify a deadline of response desired about a month before the wedding.

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