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Matrimonio di destinazione e preziosi gioielli romani!

Rome is a jewel!

We want to present you wonderful goldsmith creations. What jewels do every woman have? Traditionally, jewels represent a symbol of prestige, wealth and power. We suggest what a woman wants: every occasion is the right one to give an unforgettable jewel. 

The goldsmith tradition began in the early nineteenth century with Giovanni, son of the administrator of Duke Caetani, who landed in Tuscia, a region north of Rome. Giovanni’s father accidentally found some Etruscan furnishings and jewels of fine workmanship, and he took care of their recovery with such skill that the Duke decided to entrust him with the management of all the excavations in Tuscia.

Giovanni had a passion for the restoration and reproduction of jewelry. In this period, he connected with the Castellani brothers (whose goldsmith’s collection is kept in the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome) from which he learned the worker – ship of metals and precious stones. Those were important years in Italy: Rome was still under the Vatican State and wanted to become independent.

There were high hopes for renewal, the city rebelled and in 1849 the Roman Republic was proclaimed, but it lasted less than a year. The French, allies of the pope, sent an army to restore Vatican state as it was. Giovanni, who had helped the cause of the Roman Republic, had to go into hiding, was helped by Duke Caetani and went to Paris. There he improved his jewelry skills, working in the best boutiques and becoming part of the international set of high artistic jewelry.

Prisca Collections:

Dynamic, enterprising, cosmopolitan, self-confident, she will never give up being elegant and fashionable on all occasions, from a business meeting to a meeting with friends.

The Prisca line is perfect at all times, all day long. Ansuini uses the best stones from all over the world for his jewels, Burma rubies, sapphires from Thailand and emeralds from Colombia.

Everyday collections:

The day line, which dresses with refined simplicity. Handmade in yellow, white and pink gold. Ansuini is the oldest jewelery house in Rome. For over 150 years she has been creating handmade jewelry by master goldsmiths.

For six generations the Ansuini goldsmith tradition has been handed down from father to son. Don’t miss taking advantage of these wonderfully crafted creations. Contact us to find your perfect jewel!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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